Easter 2011

I woke up so cheerful (apart from my clogged sinuses) on Easter morning. I love Easter! Pastel colors, warm weather, and most of all, what is celebrated. It seems perfectly planned that we celebrate the new life we have because of Jesus’ death and resurrection during a time when the earth is literally bursting with verdant new life. I am a great fan of metaphors and that fills up my metaphor love-tank.

My parents and sister came over and from there we went to our church’s Easter service and then returned to our place for some good ‘ole lamb and potatoes. Results of the whoopee cushion antics are below…

Here’s my sister with the set Easter table. Does it look kind of like someone just threw a bunch of stuff on the table and called it “eclectic”? If so, that would be correct. Oops! I was sick and had to get creative. I actually like how it turned out! I also like my husband’s hot buns in that shot.

My Dad was in charge of marinating the lamb chops. Part of that, obviously, is stabbing rosemary branches into each chop to surprise unsuspecting diners. Ow…

We’re a quirky bunch.

And then, Mom discovered the individual wine pouches…

Even Moose the Dog was having a grand old time.

Here’s my HOBL (hunk of burning love) doing what he does best.

You might recall our purchase of a whoopee cushion the other day? Well, we set it up perfectly and awaited the moment when we would all sit down at the table. My poor, unsuspecting father walked right into the trap and when he sat down, the whoopee cushion really let it rip. Everyone gasped and then looked around awkwardly. My father, ever the actor, feigned embarrassment – “Oops!” Then he hid it under my mother’s chair, which was infinitely more funny.

This conversation led to some reminiscing about how my mother used to make my sister and I use the more polite and gentle term, “bottom burp”, when we were young. Raise your hand if you think that’s way, way worse?!

Hi, my name is Claire and I need to get my roots touched up.

Moose in dog ecstasy.

4 thoughts on “Easter 2011

  1. LOL Good times! That picture of Mom and me looks like I only have one leg! You should send me some of our other (there were many) pictures.

  2. That about sums it up…great writing! Where was I when all of these photos were taken (I really don’t remember seeing the camera that much haha) ??

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